Six hour rescue for burrowing dogs

Fire crews spent six hours rescuing two Jack Russell terriers that had become lost in underground burrows.

The two dogs, Rosi and Charlie, had been out walking in the woods with their owner Rachel Hartshorn in West Sussex, when they got overexcited and ran off.

Ms Hartshorn said:

“I’m normally quite cautious when walking the dogs because I’ve lost them once before.  But they just couldn’t resist the sight of the woods and nearby stream, so I let them off their leads so they could enjoy themselves.”

She added that she had been reluctant to call the fire crew but they were brilliant and she would never have found the dogs otherwise.

The fire crews used special camera and listening equipment to find the two Jack Russell dogs and eventually discovered the dogs in two separate places on Whitemans Green in Cuckfield.  Rosi was found after four hours and Charlie almost two hours later.  Charlie had managed to burrow 5 feet (1.52 metres) under the ground.  Although both dogs were well, Rosi suffered from conjunctivitis following the ordeal, which required treatment.