Skateboarding dog video

Tony Hawke eat your heart out, as a Jack Russell and an American Bulldog show the world just how you should bust some moves on a skateboard. The two dogs, named Auggie and Popeye respectively, have been trained by their owner Omar Muller to not only ride their skateboards, but to pull tricks and flip them on skateboard ramps.

Omar owns the Miami Off-Leash Dog Training Academy, and explains just why he trained his dogs to ride a board:

You have to set a goal, but know it’s going to take at least a year.

Omar believes that to teach dogs how to do tricks like skateboarding, or indeed to do any trick, you need to reward them with treats afterwards.

Dogs also need a lot of treats and love while they’re learning so they’re having fun.

If you’re wondering if you can train your dog to ride a skateboard, Omar is a firm believer that any dog, given the right training, could become the next Tony Hawke or Bam Margera.

Watch the video, and see if you think your do could perform some tricks like these.