Skateboarding stunt dog fined

A man has been fined £80 for not keeping his skateboarding dog on a lead.

Jonathan Fell was also threatened with more serious legal action if he fails to keep his Lakeland terrier Bodhi under control.

Bodhi is usually a very popular attraction in Brighton, East Sussex, where he performs all of his skateboarding tricks. He has also become something of an Internet sensation and has over 20,000 followers on YouTube, and has even appeared in a brief clip on a Britain’s Got Talent episode.

However, two women complained about the daring dog as they were walking and then tripped over the skateboard that was in the middle of the road. The council then decided to take action against the dog and issue an £80 fine.

Jonathan, a 51 year old landscape gardener, said:

“Bodhi is always under control. He loves skateboarding and is not a criminal. It’s something that makes people laugh. I never trained him to skateboard, it’s just what he loves to do.”

The council also released a brief statement about the incident:

“Mr Fell has 14 days to pay up; otherwise he will be forced to appear before magistrates and could face a £1000 fine. We know Bodhi’s antics are an amusing sight and the dog and spectators appear to enjoy it. But when people start getting hurt and we receive complaints we have a legal duty to act. Bodhi remains free to skate in local parks – but not in dog-free areas.”