Slugs are fatal to dogs

All dog lovers know that cats and dogs can’t generally live together, but slugs and dogs have an equally strained relationship. As we at Dream Dogs reported just over 12 months ago – the parasites that live on slugs can be potentially fatal to dogs – which is a common problem with many inquisitive dogs that wonder what slugs and snails taste like (perhaps they watch a lot French cuisine programmes).

As reported by the BBC yesterday however, the warmer weather we are (supposedly) experiencing in the UK, combined with the wetter weather we’re always experiencing, has led to an influx in garden snails and slugs. These slow moving, tasty looking creatures prove almost too tempting to many dogs as they forage around the garden looking for snacks and things to play with.

Slugs and snails feature the parasite lungworm, which can cause many different symptoms in dogs – such as diarrhoea, coughing, bleeding – all of which makes lungworm difficult to diagnose.

ESCCAP UK’s Maggie Fisher commented on the reasons for slugs and snails being more of a risk to dogs:

Factors such as warmer, wetter summers that favour slug and snail populations could be assisting this lungworm to establish in new areas.

A recent survey revealed that 75% of dog owners were unaware that eating slugs and snails could prove fatal to their dogs if ingested.


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  • Hi! please help my dog for a month and a half he bit a slug I take it out of the mouth but noce to do so you will not pass anything can die? I do?

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