Smallest dog in Britain? Meet Tilly

britains_smallest_dogTilly could be Britain’s smallest dog.  She was born on 15th January and is a Chorkie, a cross between a Chihuahua and a Yorkshire terrier.  Tilly is now fully grown and stands just six inches tall and measures eight inches from nose to tail.

Tilly’s owner, Karen McPhearson of East Kilbride, said:

“Tilly is so boisterous and enthusiastic for someone so small.  We took her to the vets last week and we were told that she will not grow any more.  She has not got any bigger since she was four weeks old and now weighs just one pound four ounces and is just eight inches long and about eight inches tall from head to floor or six inches from her back to the floor.”

Earlier this month, there were talks that a Chihuahua-Jack Russell cross puppy called Tom Thumb could take the record for the smallest dog in Britain, however, although he measures only four inches from nose to tail he is only three weeks old and could still grow yet.

Karen stated that records are not important to her and her husband Norrie, who now had another adorable dog to feed.  She added:

“Tilly weighs just one pound four ounces but she has a big appetite.  Apart from her usual five meals a day of dog food, she loves to drink tea and eat baby ruskies.  Norrie and I are always running around after Tilly, her parents Sasha and Tyson (both Chorkies) and our fourth dog, CJ. a Japanese Akita.  They can be quite a handful but they are definitely worth it.”

Although Tilly might be very small, she is still to large to qualify for the world’s smallest puppy, as the record is still held by a four year old Chihuahua in Florida, America, called Heaven Sent Brandy, who measures just six inches long.


  • Interesting we have a yorkie who hasn’t grown. She is called Pip and is 14 months old. We wrote to the Guiness book of records as we thought she might be the UK’s smallest dog. Maybe we could all meet up and see. Would be good for pip to meet someone her own size or smaller.

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