Sniffer dog hunts big cats

Dogs have chased cats for many years out of basic natural instinct, but one dog is chasing cats of a decidedly larger nature. A sniffer dog, trained in Russia, is in Cambodia hunting big cats, tigers to be exact. The dog is helping conservationists to discover if the country has any of the endangered species left.

There has been no trace of the tigers since 2007, and now the Russian sniffer dog is on the case! The sniffer dog, a German pointer named Maggie, is set to sniff out the tigers by looking for droppings in the undergrowth.

Maggie’s trip to Cambodia to chase some big cats is set to cost £20,000, and she’ll be joined later this year by another dog who will help locate the cats. Maggie’s arrival in Cambodia is just one step in a ten year plan, which conservationists believe will aid the cats’ population in Cambodia.