So many dog beds, how do you choose?

Dog beds are an essential place for your dog to rest and hide away from the world when he wants to.  Today there are different shapes and sizes of dog beds to suit all breeds of dogs for you to choose from.
There are the cute and fancy shaped beds for the laptop dogs, the large sofa beds for the larger breed of dog that fits snugly on your settee to stop dog hairs being transferred on the fabric of your furniture and many, many more.
A dog bed can be a mattress with extra filling in it to keep your dog’s bones and joints supported or you can purchase a dog bed that is electrically heated for the senior dog in your life.
Some dog beds are made with a filling that stops dog fleas from invading their mattress.
A dog’s sleeping habits are largely instinctual and whichever dog bed you choose it should duplicate the animal’s natural habitat. Many dog beds have moved away from this now, but you should choose one of the ranges of dog beds that are sized according to the dog’s general proportions, when your pet is stretching out at full length.
When you purchase a dog bed, place it away from humans and not near heat or cooling surfaces. The reason is your dog needs to feel safe while he is asleep.
A dog is naturally used to being near his brothers or sisters or in a pack. Placing a cushion or cuddly toy in his dog bed will provide the protective ring he is used to.