South Derbyshire village looking at dog control orders

The village of Hilton in South Derbyshire is looking at bringing in dog control orders after repeated occurrences of dog fouling in the play areas and parks. There was an emergency council meeting this week in the village to discuss the problem.

It wasn’t a one sided meeting though as 87 dog owners also attended to discuss the problems of dog fouling in Hilton.

The council has proposed an order banning dogs from three specific areas within the village. They’ve also suggested that all dogs be leashed when in the picnic area near the village hall and at The Mease football pitches. The proposals are due to go before the South Derbyshire District Council.

Jenny Keery, the council chairman for Hilton, stated:

The matter of dog fouling was brought up two meetings ago. Dog fouling does seem to be a big problem in the area and we hope to restrict it as much as possible.

The dog walkers who attended the meeting are all good ones and are not really in support of the proposals as they want to exercise their dogs in these areas. We have asked them to be vigilant.