Spaniel falls off cliff – TWICE

The Mirror is calling Buddy, a five year old spaniel, the luckiest dog alive having fallen off a 100 foot high cliff twice – but falling off a 100 foot high cliff twice sounds pretty unlucky to me.

Having fallen off the cliff twice, the poor dog then had to spend two hours doggie paddling in the sea before he was hauled onto a yacht a mile out.  Amazingly, the yacht owners also have a dog called Buddy and gave the spaniel a lift back to the shore.

Poor Buddy first fell off the cliff as he chased a rabbit over the edge.  He then tried to clamber his way back up to his owner 59 year old Steve Kingsley.  After making it almost halfway up, around 30 feet, he slipped and tumbled back into the sea.

Steve Kingsley said:

“I can’t believe he lived. I took him for a quiet walk and he triggered this scare.  The coastguards were wonderful and put out a message for boats to look for a dog in the sea.”

The yacht owners, Steve and Annette Moran, heard the coastguard’s alert and soon spotted Buddy and picked him up using their dinghy.

Steve Moran said:

“We took him back to our boat and gave him water and food we had for our Jack Russell.”

Lucky, or unlucky?


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