Spaniel saved after 10 days on Snowdonia

A dog has been rescued from Snowdonia after his owner had to be airlifted to hospital following a fall.

When the Sutty the spaniel’s 60-year-old owner stumbled down a 450ft drop on May 29th, a rescue team had to locate the man in Ogwen Valley to take him to hospital. The spaniel sought cover on a ledge as a result of being startled by the noise of the helicopter and despite the team’s efforts, he could not be found.

The rescue team had almost given up hope of finding the dog, when on Saturday, two local climbers were alerted to the sound of a dog whining. The climbers had been scaling the Atlantic Slabs when they spotted Sutty on a small ledge.

After seeing the posters appealing for information on Sutty’s whereabouts in the local area, they attempted to reunite Sutty with his owner by calling members of the Ogwen Valley rescue team. With the use of ropes and a rucksack, the dog was lowered to safety and seemed very happy to be saved from danger.

Upon inspecting the ledge, Ogwen Valley mountain rescue team member Chris Lloyd noticed the dog had created a nest for protection from the cold weather and strong sunlight. Surprisingly, he was not hurt during his 10-day ordeal and Mr Lloyd said:

“He’s in remarkably good condition really, although he’s probably very thin under all that fur.”

The injured man is still recovering in hospital but thankfully, Sutty has been reunited with the owner’s daughter in Wolverhampton.