‘Spider-Man’ Mayor climbs up a ladder to rescue a dog that doesn’t need rescuing

With no thought for his own personal safety, a mayor in Southern Texas climbed up a ladder to scale the side of a building in his bid to rescue a dog that he thought was in distress. As it turned out though the dog was just sunbathing, and the dog’s owner was very bemused to find the local mayor in his kitchen!

The dog owner complained that Mayor Pat Ahumada illegally entered his house.

He broke into my house. My dog is very well taken care of. He shouldn’t have done that.

This isn’t the first time that Pat Ahumada has got into trouble in an attempt to rescue an animal, and he claims that the TV studio alerted him to the distress of the dog. Ahumada explained:

He looked to be stuck on the balcony. I didn’t know the condition of the dog or if the building was abandoned. … The animal’s paws were hanging out from the railing and he was struggling to get up.

The owner of the Great Dane said that his dog is very old and isn’t very mobile, which is why it was laying on the balcony for some time. Ahumada meanwhile has been in trouble before because of his love of dogs. He was told by the city in 2007 that he had double the legal number of dogs in his home, six, and he was also in trouble for ‘rescuing’ an abandoned dog that hadn’t been abandoned.

In 2005 he was also charged with stealing a dog from an animal shelter. Ahumada claimed the dog wasn’t being looked after properly, and the police dropped the charges.


  • This would be an odd story IF IT WERE TRUE, however, the Brownsville Herald, never one to be hampered by little things like facts, seems to have phoned this one in. If you watched the video posted on the KRGV.com website, you would have seen that the dog WAS in distress and was unable to get up. However, the Mayor DID NOT climb any ladders and DID NOT break into anyone’s apartment! Read the real account on the Mayor’s web page at http://www.bebo.com/MAYORPAT.

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