Squirrel attacks dog!

Dog attacks SquirrelWe’d all do pretty much anything to save our children if they were in trouble, even if that meant attacking something more than ten times our size. That’s just what a brave squirrel did this week when its baby was about to be attacked by an inquisitive dog.

The dog, who has not been named, found the baby squirrel sat on the ground. As most dogs would do, he thought it was a toy and was about to ‘play’ with it when the squirrel’s mother intervened and saved her young, by leaping onto the dog’s head.

The dog and the squirrel seemed to wrestle for a while, so that the baby squirrel could escape to safety. The squirrel used its speed, claws and the fact that it surprised the dog to baffle its opponent.

Squirrel attacks dog!

These photographs showed up on the Internet this week, and it’s not known if they have been edited, or even if the whole incident was a set up, but it’s certainly an interesting story.

As the owner of a dog who likes to chase squirrels in our local park, these photos would potentially put our dog off going after what otherwise seems like easy prey!