Stacey Solomon and her dogs become brand ambassadors

Singer and TV personality Stacey Solomon, a mum of five children and two furbabies, is no stranger to being a brand influencer. From Primark to In The Style, she is a fashion icon to many, as well as being a household name. However, her latest venture, becoming an ambassador for Pooch and Mutt, has seen her two pooches take more of the spotlight.

Pooch and Mutt, the dog food company, has recently welcomed Stacey and her two furbabies Teddy and Peanut to the pack. The star recently announced the news via her Instagram, explaining what a ‘very exciting day’ it was for the entire family.

According to insiders, Stacey is proud to add this new venture to her list and branch out into the doggy world. It is said she has often been approached by pet companies about marketing her dogs, and she chose Pooch and Mutt for a reason:

“The reason we haven’t done this before is because I wouldn’t do this unless I used something and not just used it once but used it regularly.”

According to the dog mum, Teddy was very anxious when he joined the family but the Pooch and Mutt food helped him, with both her pups favourite treats being shrimp and coconut. writes that the star believes it’s a win-win for the whole family, especially the pups, but hopes to show her children that you can enjoy yourselves as a family even when in the limelight.