Staffordshire Bull Terrier survives poisoning after blood transfusion from fellow dog

Almost two weeks after her encounter with rat poison, Mo is recovering incredibly well thanks to her fellow pooch, Molly. Mo is a four-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier and, due to her curiosity and mischievous nature, a day of playing turned into a catastrophic event. Residing in the Somerset area, Mo’s owner Debbie Perry allowed her pet dog to roam around outside, but a second of leaving Mo to explore meant that she was faced with a near death experience.

An outhouse near Mo’s home was laden with rat poison, to deter any vermin from the area. Despite this being a useful tool to maintain the location’s cleanliness, Mo was intrigued by the poison and made the bad decision to eat some. Following consumption, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s health began to languish rapidly, leaving Debbie to frantically call for help from a close friend.

Mo underwent some tests to determine how badly the rat poison had affected her and the results displayed a decrease of red blood cells. Mo’s level of red blood cells was almost half the amount it should have been, proving that it was either a blood transfusion or death for the poor dog. An unfortunate discovery that the nearest blood bank was over 200 miles from their current location meant that Debbie’s friend Catherine Butler gave a helping hand, in the shape of her dog.

Catherine’s pet dog Mollie, a Newfoundland, had a pint of blood taken and transfused into the Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s body. It was this swift decision that led to Mo’s health improving. Following the ordeal, Mo returned home within two days. This exceptional result would not have been possible should Mo have not had a transfusion within 24 hours.