Still bundles of life left in 26-year-old dog

The average age of a Labrador is 10 to 12 years, while a Manchester terrier can expect to live around 8.9 years. This makes Sooty extra special, because the crossbreed is bouncing with energy at the grand old age of 26 – making her possibly the oldest dog in Britain.

The Labrador and Manchester terrier cross from Ely in Cardiff could possibly be the oldest dog in Britain and her owner has recently unleashed secrets to the dog’s longevity. When a dog reaches the age of 26, this is the equivalent to 113 dog years, proving how remarkable Sooty’s age actually is.

Her 55-year-old owner Tay Godfrey said that a lifetime of exercise and healthy eating has resulted in a long and happy life. Despite this, Sooty is facing some minor health struggles, as Godfrey explains:

“She suffers with arthritis and her eyesight is going a little bit now though.”

Born in 1987, the crossbreed has always been a family pet and she was not the only family member to live in the Godfrey household. Penny and Spot, Sooty’s parents, were also taken in and cared for.

Sooty is also very popular with Mrs. Godfrey’s grandchildren, as she recalls:

“My grandson often would go to sleep in a sleeping bag and wake up to find Sooty in there with him by the morning.”

Although Sooty would be classed as a pensioner, it seems that she has not lost her spark. Monopoly and sock-stealing are two of her hobbies, and her sock-stealing fondness means that Mrs. Godfrey often has to chase after her to retrieve her socks.