Stopping your dog from digging in the garden

There are people who love dogs and gardening, but avoid having both. The reason is they feel the hard work and money spent on a garden would be a waste of both time and money should it get wrecked by a puppy or an adult dog.

Strong hardy plants are the answer, and are great for a garden, however some of the favourites can be poisonous to dogs so be sure to check up on the plants before you buy them.

When a little bit of a plant is spoilt there is usually no harm done, and your dog will have given you great joy seeing him darting around the garden. You can however reduce the impact of a dog on your garden. Paths meant for humans mean nothing to a dog, so plant a couple of hardy bushes where you do not want him to tread. He will soon get the idea.

A canine highway will be hidden from view if you plant bushes around the weaker plants, or use some of the round shaped plant supports that are now available, giving support to young flowers or shrubs.

One bush that can take care of itself is the rose, it can fend for itself and your dog will soon leave it alone.

Some dogs love to get involved in the gardening and want to dig. You can either allow him his own bit of the garden or shout Ouch! Every time he starts to tunnel at the soil. This verbal remark will help him to realise he is not to dig.

A dog is a faithful companion who will give his owners as much pleasure as a garden in all seasons, come rain or shine.