Stud dog fathers 227 puppies

stud-dog-otusThe number of puppies produced from a stud dog quickly adds up over the years, but Labrador Otus is a super stud dog having produced 227 puppies.

Otus is a Labrador in Australia and celebrates his 16th birthday this month, along with a few of his great-great-grandpuppies, pictured here with Otus himself. They are named Inca, Isaac, Imrod and Indy. He has already had an early birthday party with neighbouring dogs Sophie and Digger and received a few birthday cards.

Amongst his 227 puppies are four more study dogs, 82 guide dogs and three detector dogs working for the New South Wales police force.

At the grand age of sixteen, Otus’s breeding days are behind him but he is still a famous face at Guide Dogs Victoria and his sperm has been frozen for future use.

David Markham, Breeding Manager for Guide Dogs Victoria, said that some of Otus’s frozen sperm was sent to South Africa in 1999 and some is still kept in Melbourne for future litters.

Mr Markham said:

“He’s a nice, compliant dog, very easily managed – a go-anywhere dog.”

Otus’s owner, Merle Atherton said that Otus’s health has deteriorated in the last twelve months and he does struggle to walk sometimes now, but he’s still a faithful companion. She added:

“He’s just wonderful – he’s even-tempered, very friendly and I’m very proud of him.”