When you employ the services of a proven stud dog you know that you’re very likely going to be the proud owner of new, bouncy puppies. However, one Labrador owner from Powys, in Wales, was surprised when both of her Labrador dogs gave birth to puppies after the recent visit of Zak, one of the best Labrador stud dogs in the area.

Louise Rogers, from Powys, hired the services of the Labrador stud dog for her dog Birdie – but it seems that Zach wasn’t content with siring one litter of pups while he was there, and also fathered a second litter with her dog Betty. As a result of Zach’s potency, both Labradors were left pregnant, and both gave birth to large litters of healthy Labrador puppies.

Betty gave birth to 11 healthy puppies in March this year, and Birdie (who is also her daughter) gave birth to nine puppies just a few days later, taking the stud dog’s tally to 20 puppies in one visit. Zach spent a few days with the family in Powys over Christmas, and after he had left Mrs Rogers noticed that both dogs were showing signs of being pregnant.

Mrs Rogers commented:

We’ve got over 2000 ewes and we knew the pups would be arriving right in the middle of lambing season. We had no idea what we were letting ourselves in for, its been emotional.

He spent the first three days lying on his back in front of the fire with his crown jewels on display. Then he seemed to find his mojo and went to Betty a few times. I’d wanted him to go to Birdie, but no matter it looked like disaster had been averted, so Zak went back to his owner.

Sometimes I wonder how we’ve got through it, it’s been a challenge, to say the least.

16 of the Labrador puppies have found a new home, and eight of them have already left. However, the dogs that remain with Mrs Rogers and her husband are particularly hungry dogs, costing their owners a lot in dog food bills. The dogs eat chicken, eggs, Weetabix and even rice pudding!