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Jun 30
Chihuahua Breed Profile

The Chihuahua’s tiny stature and huge, expressive eyes combine to result in what many…

Oct 30
Chihuahua returned thanks to DNA tests

A lost pooch has been found and reunited with his owner after a DNA test revealed his…

Oct 10
Charity sees abandoned ‘handbag’ pets triple

An animal rescue organisation has been overwhelmed by the number of small dogs it has…

May 25
Chihuahua craze bad for the dog’s health

People attempting to imitate socialite, millionairess and Internet sensation Paris…

Nov 24
Japan chooses Chihuahua for police force

The Japanese are renowned for the skill in miniaturising electronics, such as phones…

Nov 09
Paris Hilton has a new dog

Perennial socialite Paris Hilton, known for her fashionable handbag dogs, has hit the…