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Dec 22
Safestix: Soldier aims to make playtime with your dog safer

Health and safety regulations, which many think are the bane of life in modern…

Nov 20
Jack Russell terrorises mountain lion

It’s not unusual for a dog to chase a cat up a tree, but it is when the moggy in…

Aug 10
Dog eats owner’s toe and saves his life

When a dog takes to biting off toes from its owner’s foot, you would normally expect…

May 14
Liz Hiorns reunited with lost dog

Last week we wrote about 72 year old Liz Hiorns and her Jack Russell named Penny. Liz’…

May 08
Lost dog is rehomed but original owner wants her back

If ever there was a case for having your dog microchipped, this is it. 72 year old dog…

Sep 10
Top 7 world’s most famous dogs

It wasn’t too long ago we reported that Elle Macpherson’s dog signed a modelling…

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