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At Dream Dogs we have a very broad selection of Shih Tzu stud dogs from up and down the UK. Select a dog you like the look of and contact the owner, either either the contact form on the dog's profile page or by using the owner's phone number.

Shih Tzus are natural watchdogs, and they’re both intelligent and affable, making them an excellent choice for a family pet. Read on for all the necessary information on Shih Tzu stud dogs.

Finding a Shih Tzu stud dog: what should you look for?

What are the average fees for a Shih Tzu stud?

Average stud dog fees for Shih Tzus are between £150-£400, depending on the breeder in question. Dogs that have successfully sired litters previously tend to have higher stud fees.

Three tips for finding a Shih Tzu stud:

What is the average litter size of Shih Tzus?

A Shih Tzu’s litter size is, on average, three puppies, and their gestation period lasts for around 63 days.

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