Study reveals amazing distance covered by lifetime walkies

A new study has shown that the average dog owner walks nearly 24,000 miles during the lifetime of their pet.

More than 3,000 owners of dogs took part in the survey, and it emerged that walkies with their pet averages out at nearly nine hours per week, and covers 36 miles.

The yearly total for this is 1,855 miles, and over the average lifespan of a dog of 12.8 years, a whopping 23,739 – the equal of yomping up and down the United Kingdom nearly 35 times.

The study showed that the average person walked their dog three times a day – two longer walks of 47 minutes, and one shorter one of 13 minutes, covering slightly more than seven miles in total, on average. The results are even more surprising, given that the survey was based on walking a dog five days per week as opposed to seven.

Nikki Sellers, chief of pet insurance at esure, commented on the findings:

“Walking your dog has enormous benefits – not only for the health of the animal but for the health of their owner as well. We’re fairly sure dog owners walk far more than other people.

“However, it is disappointing that many dogs aren’t being walked every day of the week, as this is crucial for their development and stimulation.”

Walks around the local neighbourhood proved to be among the favourite routes for dog walkers, scoring 41 per cent, with 42 per cent choosing to take their pet for a stroll around the park.

A third chose to let their dog off the leash for a run around the woods, whilst a quarter enjoyed the countryside, and 13 per cent taking in the fresh air along the seafront.

Despite the amazing distances involved, dog owners thought that they should be taking their dogs for more exercise than they had been, and the survey failed to reveal the total cost in shoe leather.