Swimming pool for dogs planned for York

Developers in York are planning to build a new £100,000 swimming pool, but it’s not for people. No, this swimming pool is to be exclusively for dogs, and it will be a state of the art swimming pool, complete with massage jets and a hoist.

The swimming pool is intended to nurse injured dogs back to health, and is planned to be built at Northminster Business Park by Canine Hydrotherapy Ltd.

According to Kerry Neath, from Canine Hydrotherapy Ltd, similar dog swimming pools have already been successful in Leeds, Harrogate, Doncaster and Hull.

According to Neath:

It can be incredibly effective for dogs who would find it difficult to move on land. We can work with dogs to get them moving again and back on their feet.

All dogs will be seen on an appointment basis and subject to veterinary referrals.

Each dog will be given a 30- minute session. They will be showered pre-swim, swim for a maximum of 20 minutes, and then be showered and dried post-swim.

No client dogs will be kept on site in cages or otherwise – owners will simply attend and leave.

If the plan gets the go ahead, the swimming pool will be a tiny 18 foot by 10 feet, and just 4 feet deep. The pool will be helpful for dogs suffering from injuries such as cruciate ligament injuries.


  • Hello, I have a question about getting my dog to swim in an in ground pool. Generally she loves the water, She can swim fine, I take to a lake near by and I can’t keep her out of the water. She’ll swim out pretty far to retrieve sticks and toys too. But she seems scared of going in the pool. I’m pretty sure it’s because there’s no stairs, only a ladder, and she can’t ease herself in and out. I know she want’s to go in. She runs around the perimeter like she’s trying to figure it out.

    So, short of getting stares installed which cost like hundreds of dollars, does anyone have any low cost solutions for a ramp or stairs or something that she can use to get in and out that also won’t damage the liner?

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