Symptoms of a dog reaching old age

alg_dog_smilingWhen an older dog reaches maturity, a dog owner can start to worry about every little thing that is different from their pal’s daily routine.

One of the things that dog owners naturally start to worry about is the quality of their dog’s health. A senior dog that is not as active as he used to be will slow down his eating habits and sometimes abstain from eating his meals for a day or two.

If your dog is not overweight, and looks to be losing weight, then a visit to your local vet is on the cards. When you talk to your vet they will try to put your mind at ease by giving you valuable advice on a suitable pet diet for your dog. They may advise you to change your dog food to small kibble if your dog has a hard time chewing his present food.

One tip is to moisten the food with warm (not hot) water to soften it, or add some moist canned food to entice him with the aromas of new flavours.

A dog that has fewer teeth than they used to will enjoy a mix of canned tuna and kibble, or chicken broth and kibble.

In some cases, a veterinarian will suggest that you feed your dog some baby food so that he will receive the correct balance of dog nutrition.

Small portions of pet food, given three or four times a day, will stop you wasting food and you may see that your dog’s daily intake increases.