Take your dog to a Pilates class

Our dogs have clothes and accessories, shampoos and massages, and even their own beer, but now it seems they have their own fitness regime as Pilates classes for the dog in your life was launched in Chicago earlier this month.

Fitness fanatic Andrea Metcalf is a real Pilates lover and so when she acquired an English bulldog called Wrigley, perhaps it was only natural that she wanted to work out with him.  For most people, we just take the dog for a walk but no, Metcalf wanted more than that and found a way to get Wrigley into her Pilates classes.

This new fad is called ‘Pawsilates’ classes and Metcalf is reportedly running an introductory course of 6 weekly sessions in conjunction with the Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago.  Heavy dogs, over 25 lbs, are in separate classes to those under 25 lbs.

Owners get to work out with their dogs.  They bring toys and dog biscuits along, and give the dogs a gentle massage to help them stay limber and active.

I can’t really imagine taking my dog to the local Pilates classes in Rochdale, but what do I know..  will it catch on, who knows?  You could be seeing a Pilates class for you and your dog somewhere near you soon.