Take Your Dog To Work Day proves a success in Weston

You might remember a previous post where we talked about the charity day in aid of The Blue Cross, where dog owners were encouraged to ‘take their dog to work’. The doggie focused work day occurred on September 17th, where dogs all over the country graced the workplace.

One such workplace was a solicitors’ office in the Boulevard, in Weston. Staff of Wards Solicitors took their pooches into work for a day of four legged legal activity.

Paul Hayward, a partner at Wards Solicitors, stated:

They were quite noisy and it was nice to have them in for the day, but I don’t think we could cope with them in all the time.

They all went for a walk together at lunch time, which was nice.

My dog Ruby and my colleague Georgina’s dog come in regularly anyway but it was nice for other people to join in.

Dogs all over the UK accompanied their owners to work on Take Your Dog to Work Day, raising money for The Blue Cross in the process. In addition to raising money for the charity, the day also helped dog owners spend more quality time with their dogs, and aided the dogs in the sense that they were able to socialise with other dogs.