Taking care of a dog with arthritis

Arthritis is a debilitating condition which not only places restrictions on your dog’s movements, but is also extremely painful.

Osteoarthritis is the most popular form of arthritis that can affect a dog; this is due to a degeneration of bone and cartilage which is first noticed by a stiffness of movement.

A dog will let you know that he is suffering from arthritis, whimpering when he has to move. Standing for any length of time will be painful for him, and he will have trouble running up the stairs.

If you have a dog who is overweight, has suffered an injury or has a diet that requires more vitamins and minerals, this needs to be managed in a positive way with a reduction of portions, reducing his daily treats and an increasing his exercise. This health care routine is also considered to be good as a preventive measure.

A dog that is already suffering from arthritis can have his diet changed to give him optimum health in the form of quality nutrients, along with exercise and anti-inflammatory drugs to treat inflammation of his joints. Sometimes drugs can have a few side effects such as vomiting or urinary problems, herbal medicine combined with over the counter drugs can be of benefit to your dog.

There are vets who prescribe both types of medication; the aim is always to fight against a dog suffering with painful joints. It is important for you to let your vet know of any other arthritis treatment you may be thinking of giving to your pet, as some drugs should not be mixed.