Taking care of our pet dogs

More and more veterinarians have to train to use holistic methods when treating our beloved doggies.

There is room for both methods of treating animals. Dog owners are becoming more aware of the healthcare that not only benefits the dogs now but is good for their future.

Standard methods: using standard methods of treatment it would mean a vet will prescribe medication in the form of creams or tablets and then it is a waiting game to see if the treatment actually works.

A dog would realise every time it entered the practice that he or she was in for a distressing time. It can take a few weeks to try out the different medicines before the dog will be in full health.

Holistic methods: although it would still take time to find the correct healing treatment for a dog’s illness there would be effort at the first examination to try and find the cause of the illness.

Once diagnosed there is an effort to ensure the cause is taken away and in doing so the effect will disappear leaving a healthy dog to continue its life.

The owners of dogs have recognised it is imperative that they spend more time and effort now so that their pets have a longer, healthier life.

Tip: Make sure your dog food is not full of preservatives and is enriched with vitamins.