Taking your puppy for his first walk

Taking your puppy on his first walk is an important step for both of you.

Using a correct lead is an important factor as it is the most important piece of equipment that your pet has to get used to.  This your dog’s safety line to you who is going to keep him safe from the terrors of the outside world.

It is very important your dog gets used to it and walks with you in the correct manner.

Try letting your pet get used to you putting on the lead in the house and then walking him from one room to another for a few minutes every day for a week before his big day.

Look at how your puppy is feeling when he has to face this new world that is outside his comfort zone.

A dog sees himself as part of a pack and you are the alpha leader that is in charge.

In the animal world a pack leader (you) will check if it is safe to go out and then he will choose the way forward. You will have put that trust in place with using the lead in the house.

•    You have to lead

•    You decide on the length of the walk

At first take the same route for your dog to build up his confidence and watch for any other dogs that may cause him to be upset.

When you change your direction for his walk and your dog gets agitated then stop. Reassure your dog in calm tone and continue the walk.

Always praise him on returning home and give a small treat as this will help him to know you are pleased with him.