Talented dog set for the big screen

The first ever pooch to win Simon Cowell’s talent show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ is likely to be the subject of an upcoming film, his owner says.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, Ashleigh Butler, owner of the popular Pudsey, said:

“We are looking for a script and the ideas of what we could do and everything, but hopefully it all goes ahead. You never know what could happen but it’s very exciting!

“At the moment the movie is happening, yes, and it will be amazing if we get it going. But who knows with everything. Nothing is 100 per cent.”

Pudsey and Butler struck gold on May 12, 2012 when the fascinating duo scooped the £500,000 prize and a chance to perform in front of Her Majesty The Queen at the Royal Variety Performance, following an immense number of public votes.

Since this time, Pudsey and his owner have gone on to appear on various talk shows and have even had the opportunity to work as part of the judging panel on ‘Top Dog Model’ in 2012.

Despite hogging the spotlight, it seems that Pudsey still feels envious when he is around other dogs. Butler went on to say that her dog began to sulk when the two strolled past the puppies for sale at Harrods Pet Kingdom just a few days ago.

Due to the closeness of the duo, it is only natural that Pudsey feels a pang of jealousy when his owner mingles with other dogs. Speaking about her companion and business partner, Butler added that he does tend to strop when left alone.