Teach your dog to play trick or treat

Tomorrow is October and before you know it, Halloween will be upon us and your dog can join in.  Trick or Treat is actually a simple game for your dog to learn and any member of the family can join in.

If your dog has been out in his dog kennel all day or he has performed a training task then you can use this game as a reward any time.

Use the command ‘sit’ then take a treat and place it in your open palm. Pass it between both hands slowly so your dog can watch what you are doing.

When you have done that a couple of times close your hands.  Place your hands behind your back, before bringing one hand out in front of him.

Ask in a clear and enjoyable tone ‘This?’, then replace it with your other hand and say ‘Or this?’  Hold out both hands and ask ‘Which hand?’

Be patient and let your dog sniff or lick your hands.  He may get it wrong at first but eventually your dog will choose the hand with the stronger smell of the treat inside and in some cases he will paw your hand.  Most dogs can get this simple game with plenty of practice.

Give him lots of praise and of course his treat.

If at first his choice is wrong, let him know by a resounding but gentle ‘no’ and try again.