Teach your puppy the ‘give a paw’ game for your Christmas party

Dog trainers and dog owners recommend this game for your new puppy to learn as it is using simple commands and teaches your puppy to focus.

It is called ‘give a paw’.

Give a paw is a smart game. Your puppy will pick it up quickly as he will want to please you and your tone of voice is very important to him. Praise is everything.

Kneel down in front of your pet so you are at his level and in his eyes you are not a giant any more.

Ask him to ‘sit’. He may look at you and not recognise your command so if this is the case, place your hand on his bottom and gently push it down while saying the command again. Praise him when he obeys.

Once he sits down touch his ‘right paw’ and say the word ‘Right’. Give him a small treat out of your hand.

Try again, however this time hold out a closed fist with the treat hidden from his view.

Your puppy will smell the treat and nudge your hand with his paw. When this happens, praise him and give him his treat.

If he becomes bored or distracted stop and try again later. Do not lose patience with your puppy as he will feel hurt that he has upset you.

The next time you start the game again until he remembers the rules. Practise regularly but always finish with praise and remember he will get tired quickly so little and often is the key factor.

Give a paw is a fun game that helps you to bond with your puppy and will be fun at your family Christmas party.