Teach your puppy to sit

When you first bring a puppy home, he or she will be a complete bundle of energy and bounce, into all of the nooks and crannies of your home and generally causing havoc. This can be adorable but after a while however, you will want to begin to teach your dog a few commands that will make your little puppy a lot easier to control.

One of the first commands that you should teach your puppy is to sit. If your dog is sitting, they are a lot more attentive than when running around. If your dog is taught to sit, you will be able to easily put the collar on when it is time for a walk or if you need to groom him; teaching them to sit will be invaluable. Not to mention when visitors come, if you can command your dog to sit, then your visitors can greet your dog themselves rather than having an enthusiastic pet throwing itself at them for attention, which many find offputting.

Teaching your puppy to sit will take a lot of perseverance and in the first instance, it can be an idea to put your puppy on a lead in order to stop him walking off. Use treats and put the treat above the puppy’s head so that they follow the treat whilst you place the puppy’s bottom into a sitting position. Repeat this several times until the puppy understands that you want him to assume the sitting position to get the treat. Then introduce the word sit as you give him the treat at the precise moment that he sits down so the puppy associates this sitting action with the word.