Teaching your dog good behaviour

When you bring your new puppy home, they will feel vulnerable and scared, so you need to show them love and affection to help them settle into their new home. However, dog training is definitely a must as soon as you can. By training your dog you are teaching him or her good behaviour for when they are out in the big wide world.

There are so many techniques you can use to train your dog, but some of the best techniques involve treats and rewards, using a collar and a leash, clicker training and praising your dog for good behaviour.

You often see dogs that are extremely obedient and well behaved, but they did not get this way over night and using good dog training techniques will help you accomplish good behaviour. Some behaviours that are less acceptable are digging, chewing, begging, biting and barking for no reason. So by training your dog, you can help alleviate and prevent some of the less than acceptable behaviours.

Try not to burden your dog with too many commands as it can become confusing for them and always remember to plan in your training.

Always praise your dog for good behaviour and give them a reward straight away, this will then make them associate their good behaviour with receiving a treat.

When you are training your dog, never under any circumstances punish them. You can penalise them for bad behaviour, but this is not the same as punishment. Penalising your dog is to ignore them or not reward them.