Teaching your dog to be alone

Try putting a stair gate or a ‘baby’ gate in a room that can limit boundaries. Let your pet stay on the other side of the gate for a few minutes and then build up the time to an hour.

While the dog is at the other side of the gate give him or her something to concentrate on such as scatter food or a chew. Go up and down the stairs or in and out of the room slowly for a few minutes and then build up this time.

When you have family or visitors that come to the house, do the same so that your dog will get used to this action. Whilst this is happening do not speak but continue to scatter a few treats when he is calm.

It is important this exercise is continued to let your pet know that he is going to be alone and nothing is going to happen to him.

Using treats as a reward is fine, but make the treats small so there will not be a weight issue later on. You don’t want your dog getting fat because he is especially good!