Tear stains on white dogs

tear-stainsWhen you have puppy that has a beautiful white fur coat, the water from their eyes can show up as a pink or red stain on their fur, usually more noticeable just under the eye area.

Tear stains’, as it is referred, is more noticeable when a dog has wet fur; it looks unsightly and can also cause a degree of irritation to your dog.

If a puppy show early signs of tear staining it is essential that you take him to his vet, a vet will check him over for stains and give more information on ways to treat visible tear stains.

A balanced diet and regular checks on a dog’s tear pigment, and watching out for any signs of ear infection, will keep your pet in good health. A dog’s diet can at times be the cause of the problem; food colourings and certain additives, such as corn, wheat and soya, are known to increase any symptoms of allergies. One of the symptoms of allergies is staining of a dog’s fur around the eye area.

Some of the symptoms to watch for are a continuous licking of front paws, head shaking or things sticking to a dog’s fur.

A dog owner with a pet that has angel tear stains must be sure to always wash their hands before and after touching their pet’s eyes.

It’s also a good idea to give your dog a bath regularly with a dog shampoo (not one that is meant for human hair) and, after bathing, tease the hair with a comb near the eye area.