The Beckhams promote new dog shelter

Newlyweds Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz Beckham have recently been seen out and about promoting Nicola’s new dog shelter which aims to save ‘as many dogs as possible’, in her own words.

The couple were sporting matching outfits in a recent show of support for the new shelter’s first pop-up adoption event, with Nicola even wearing a t-shirt with the organisation’s logo on and showing it off on her Instagram story to her followers.

Nicola’s new shelter, named Yogi’s House, was set up by a group of girls in LA in October and she was one of the girls who helped it to launch. The shelter was set up for the specific purpose of saving dogs that are at risk and that end up on the ‘red list’, which Nicola is strongly against and this drives her to promote this shelter as much as possible.

The actress has received praise from the Founder and President of Pups without Borders, who has said how impactful Nicola’s work with Yogi House has been:

“In the few months we’ve known them, they have pulled around 25 dogs from the riverside shelter and have found foster or adoptive homes for over half of them.”

Both Beckhams have been very vocal and passionate about adopting on their social media, and Nicola has urged her followers to adopt or foster where they can. They have also put their words into action by recently welcoming a new addition of their own in the form of an adopted puppy called Lamb.