The cost of owning a dog

The cost of owning a dog goes far beyond the price that you have paid initially for your new puppy. Puppies will require vaccinations, spray/neutering to add to this cost alongside all the supplies that a new puppy will require such as dog food, a collar, a crate or a bed. Do you have the funds to make sure that your puppy has everything they need when you bring them home and do you have the money to update your puppy’s essentials such as their bed, collar and lead as your pet starts to grow bigger by the day?

To keep your dog in good health, it is important to consider paying for pet insurance which can help should your beloved dog be in need of a vet’s care and attention. On top of this, to maintain the health of your dog, you should consider the cost of professional grooming not only for your dog’s coat but their teeth, nails, ear and eye care.

Remember, that the cost of having a dog also goes beyond just financial spend. Do you have time as well as money to spend, exercising or training your puppy, providing care and attention in terms of grooming – whilst you may pay for a dog groomer, your pet’s coat will need constant attention. Can you devote the time to your dog’s coat care which can vary depending on the breed? All of this should be considered alongside money when thinking about the true cost of owning a dog.