The dog ate my passport

We’ve all heard that old schoolboy excuse to his teacher “Sorry miss – the dog ate my homework” but in this instance, the Winsconsin teenager was telling the truth – the dog ate his passport.

The 17 year old Wisconsin teenager, Jon Meier, was to take a school trip to Peru with his Spanish class, but the family’s one year old Golden Retriever named Sunshine had had a little chomp on the corner of the passport, which meant a few of the numbers were unreadable.  Meier didn’t have time to get another passport.

Meier’s hopes were up when officials at O’Hare Airport in Chicago told him the slightly chewed passport would be ok but when they got to Miami, officials there rejected the passport and refused to let him aboard the airplane.

Meier was naturally disappointed in missing the 12 day trip to Peru, which returned earlier this week but told the media he couldn’t blame anybody and not his dog.  He added:

“I love her too much”

Ah, the words of a young dog lover who didn’t pay for the trip himself.  How much do you love your dog, would you forgive him for making you miss your holiday?