The dog insurance gamble

A recent survey by M&S insurance found that half of vets questioned claimed in the last five years to have had to put pets to sleep due to the owner being unable to afford treatment.

dog-insurance-labBalancing the household budget can be tough at any time but the current economic climate has forced more and more people to scrutinise their outgoings with a magnifying glass in an attempt to find reductions.

For some people, dog insurance could be viewed as a luxury item that can no longer be afforded. This point may be arrived at through desperation, a considered gamble or simply an uninformed decision. Whichever it is, there are potential consequences with such action.

With vet fees rising in the region of 12% per year, this is a problem that has every possibility to escalate. Unfortunately, the problem is not simply limited to the black and white scenario of either being insured or not being insured. Many owners may have selected a policy that simply does not cover their actual requirements. Some policies will place limitations on a maximum claim for one condition or place a time limit. Where ongoing treatment is required, after one year the insurance may cease to pay and seeking alternative insurance to cover a pre-existing condition will most likely be a fruitless search.

Comparison websites make it far easier to compare details of several different types of policies and it is important to make an informed decision. The cheapest dog insurance solution will have an obvious allure but it may well prove to be a false economy.