The next time you complain about how much it costs to feed your dog, or bemoan the fact that he’s eating you out of house and home, spare a thought for Gary Randfleish in New South Wales, Australia. His dog, a Pyranees named Snowbear, really does eat like a horse – as he’s roughly the same size as one.

Snowbear weighs the same as an average adult male, 75kg, and towers over his fellow pooch Beethoven (naturally a St Bernard). Snowbear gets lavished with attention wherever he goes and between him and Beethoven they’re eating everything Mr Randfleish can afford to give them.

Gary Randfleish commented about his two very hungry dogs:

“He’s a very friendly, calm soul who loves people. He’s my best mate, and him and Beethoven make quite a pair and match each other quite well.”

Mr Randfleish is an experienced dog owner, having owned many different breeds in the past. He has owned large dogs such as Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds too, so he knows about hungry, high maintenance dogs. In his opinion however, Snowbear beats them all hands down when it comes to maintenance.

Bear the Mountain Dog

“We go through lots of food – mainly chicken mince and wings, bones and dry food but he doesn’t like canned food. He won’t touch the stuff.”

Being such a large dog he requires a fair amount of exercise, and goes for daily walks with his owner where he is greeted by happy children and adults alike. Mr Randfleish does feel however that handling Snowbear on the lead can be difficult, especially when he sees something he wants to examine up close:

“He’s very strong so it can be dangerous when he tugs at the lead but he has the most sensitive hearing so the minute he hears something, he’s off investigating what it is.”

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