The dog that’s too big for the house

Owners of Shih Tzus and Jack Russels will never experience the problem that a couple from Dinas Powys, in Wales, are currently going through. Their dog, an Irish Wolfhound named Finn, is too big to actually fit in their house. Finn is so big in fact that they’ve had to adapt their conservatory just to house the dog.

But how big is this huge dog? How big is the Irish Wolfhound? Finn is actually 14 stone in weight, and an incredible 9ft long!

The couple, Cathy and Tim Farr, live in a small house in Dinas Powys and had always wanted an Irish Wolfhound as a pet. However they weren’t prepared for Finn.

Cathy Farr explains:

“We have a tiny house, but we have the conservatory for him so he can walk into the kitchen and lounge. We have adapted the house for him. He even has a single mattress for his bed.”

“We have no children and I had wanted a wolfhound for about 20 years. I now work from home, so he’s there with me. He’s got such a personality and he’s very expressive, it’s like having somebody in the room with me.”

Finn requires a lot of exercise and needs to be walked twice a day. Finn also eats a whopping kilogram of dog food each day. Despite his huge size though, Finn is a big softy at heart and doesn’t even bark at other dogs. Cathy added:

“He just walks then sleeps. He’s very tame, he is a gentle giant. He won’t even bark if another dog barks at him. ”

“The lady who breeds the dogs had to come to our house to make sure we were suitable parents and the house was big enough.”

“We met Finn’s dad, who was a big dog, so we expected him to be quite big, but not as huge as he is! My husband nearly had a heart attack!”

Finn’s huge size has made him a celebrity in his local village, with everyone knowing who he is and where he lives. He attracts a lot of attention when he leaves the house and goes for a walk.

Finn is so big that even struggles to climb into his owners’ 4×4. The most frightening thing about Finn is that he still hasn’t finished growing, as he will grow until he’s three years old.

“The vet says he is the biggest dog she has seen and they are meant to grow until they are three, so he has still got a bit of growing to do. Hopefully he won’t get too much bigger!”

Could you cope with a dog as big as Finn?


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