The Miniature Schnauzer has a big personality

The Miniature Schnauzer is one dog that really loves people. They will run around and enjoy letting their owners know that the postman, or any other visitor, is at the door.

In fact, it can become a trait that becomes annoying, but early training can help to reduce the antics of this energetic and feisty little terrier.

A miniature Schnauzer loves attention, so is considered an ideal pet for children of all ages – but they can be highly protective of their pet food and their own personal toys. If a young child is in a home, it is important that they are guided to understand this concept.


When travelling in a car, Miniature Schnauzers are good travellers, loving the extra attention these excursions bring from other people they meet.

Some litters of puppies can be more temperamental than others and it is best to ask the dog breeder about the character of the Miniature Schnauzer stud dog and mother bitch.

To stop a puppy from picking up bad habits, such as constant barking, do little bits of obedience training from the minute the puppy steps over your doorstep. Use a calm yet firm voice and give praise with a reward, but do not shout, as it takes time for a puppy to realise what is expected of them.

If, as the leader of the pack, you are feeling tired, then practice dog training later or your pet may become confused and start to leave small puddles all over your floor.