Samoyed puppyHiring the services of dog breeders for stud dogs can be very expensive – but with the right stud dog your bitch can give birth to some very valuable puppies indeed. Here are some of the most expensive stud dogs that you can use in the world of dog breeding.

Samoyed; stud dogs fees cost over £700

Originating from Scandinavia, the Samoyed were used for herding reindeer. Typically they have no hunting instincts and as such are the perfect nature for being around children.

Character: Complex but friendly, intelligent, and obedient.
Typical size: Shoulder height: up to 22.50 inches
Weight: 50-65 pounds

This is a very rare breed and demands special handling requirements critical to their development. Samoyed is one of the 14 ancient dogs, dating back 3,000 years.

English or British Bulldog; stud dogs fees can cost over £500

British Bulldogs originate from the UK and are considered more aesthetically masculine in comparison to similar skinless breeds. A breed of above average intelligence and an important symbol of the UK; the British Bulldog has influenced American societies, and is particularly popular with US Marines.

Character: Affectionate, gentle, sensitive, and fearless, they belong to the non-sporting (Mastiff) group and require minimal exercising.
Coat: Short-haired; beige, piebald, brindle, and white.
Typical size: Shoulder Height: up to 14.00 inches
Weight: 40-55 pounds

This breed’s exaggerated characteristics have made it very hard for dog breeding.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; stud dogs fees cost up to £500

Originating from the UK, this is the smallest version of spaniel toy dogs and they are very popular due to their furry coat and human-attachment factor.

Character: Highly intelligent, lovable, energetic, obedient and great around children.
Typical Size: Shoulder height: up to 12 inches
Weight: 10-18 pound

The breed has four recognised colours, and maintains its luxurious character in any of them.


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