Things to look out for with your dog’s health

Dog GogglesWhen you are watching your dog and he is pawing his ears in an irritable way, followed by a licking of his claws, it could be down to the fact that he has dirty ears.

There are many reasons a dog could end up with dirty ears, and they will try to remedy the problem themselves.

There are many reasons why a dog could have dirty ears. It could be because the dog has too much ear wax; this will need medication to help to loosen the wax for easy removal. It could be down to too much hair growing in the ears; this is easily resolved by a dog groomer who will remove the offending hairs.

A breed of dog that has long hair may have sweaty ears or smelly ears; sometimes it just takes their owners to hold their ears to dry them out.

On a more serious note, if your dog has an ear infection or you see ear mites, take him to his local vet for immediate attention.

Another common problem dogs suffer is red eyes. A dog can sometimes have red eyes if he has scratched his eyes, or caught something that is trapped under his eyelid. If this is the case you should rinse his eyes in cool water.

Other worries are that a dog may have high blood pressure, or the onset of glaucoma; this definitely needs a vet’s opinion. One of the most common causes of red eyes is due to a dog having his head stuck out of a car window, which many dogs love to do. There are dog goggles available on the market to avoid this being a problem – plus your dog will look ultra cool in the process!

If you recognise any of these symptoms as being applicable to your pet and they are causing you some concern, an appointment with your vet will soon put your mind at ease.