Three pedigree dogs found wandering streets in North Wales

Three Shih Tzu dogs were found wondering the streets in North Wales this month, with badly matted coats and in need of care. Two of the Shih Tzus, one female and one male, were found in a derelict building in the North Wales town of Conwy. A third Shih Tzu, another female, was found on the street the same week.

According to Inspector Kevin Paton the dogs were in such a bad state that they had to be shaved. Their hair was so matted that they were in discomfort.

I am hoping the public will be able to tell me where these dogs came from.

They were not friendly when we first brought them into the centre but this was simply because they were in pain from the mats.

Once shaved they became totally different dogs with lovely natures.

Inspector Paton is convinced that the three dogs know each other, as the fact that they were all found in the same week cannot be a coincidence. There is a spate of dogs being abandoned at the moment due to families not being able to afford to feed and groom their pets, which has even led to pedigree dogs being abandoned in some instances.

None of the dogs were micro-chipped, nor were they wearing collars.

I would urge anyone who can help with my enquiries to please get in touch so we can solve the mystery of where these dogs came from.

There could be more of them that need our help.

Dog owners running into financial difficulties are advised to speak to the RSPCA rather than abandon their dogs.