Throwing sticks for dogs could be deadly

A Facebook group has been set up on the social networking website to raise awareness about how dangerous throwing sticks for your dog could be.

Penny, a border collie, belongs to owner Hayley Reed. Penny was left with serious injuries after impaling herself on a stick that was thrown for her to fetch. Penny then needed serious operations that left the family both heartbroken and with huge financial costs to meet. Making sure that your dog insurance is up to date should be crucial to help avoid any financial strains over the summer, and to pay for any ‘stick throwing’ accidents that could occur.

Hayley recounted the events that led to the dog’s injuries:

“We were on a walk at St Catherine’s lighthouse and I was throwing the stick for her, as we have done numerous amounts of times, when she ran for it. Unfortunately she ran at it too hard, it stuck in the ground and ripped all of her throat lining from the force of it as well as dislocating a tongue bone.”

“We were told by the vet, that she had done extensive damage and would need emergency surgery to remove the bits of wood and stitch her throat back together. She was on the operating table for six hours and wasn’t out of the woods when she had undergone that saga!”

“She had a feeding tube coming from her neck so that we could inject liquidised food straight into her tummy. After just a week, she was slowly beginning to lick water and liquidised food and has now made a full recovery, although she has to eat mashed food until the stitches in her throat have dissolved.”

The group on Facebook now has 147 members.