Time for a nice bowl of tea

With recent research showing that owner spending on pet dogs has risen to nearly £570m, a new concept is hitting the high streets: herbal tea for dogs.

Costing up to £12 for 28 tea bags, the company bringing the new product to market said that it can help pooches with digestion and fresh breath. There is a range of teas available for pet owners, all of which include exotic flavours and tastes.

The Woof & Brew concept was launched in 2013 at the Crufts dog show and is now on sale in hundreds of shops and stores across Britain. The inspiration behind the dog tea came from the growing popularity of the herbal drink in society.

The man behind the idea, Steve Bennett, was managing a tea shop in the Midlands town of Stratford-upon-Avon when it came to him. He explained:

“We were sat in the tea shop one day with loads of dogs around us and wondered if herbal infusions would be helpful [to] dogs as well. We bought in a vet who wrote a report for us who came back with the conclusion that certain herbs were extremely beneficial for dogs.”

Mr Bennett went on to say that it was unclear whether the canines actually enjoyed the taste, but he has now added another blend to the offering. Posh Pooch has been described as being the “Champagne of teas” for man’s best friend.

Experts have said that making such teas for dogs should not be a problem when part of a healthy regular, balanced and healthy diet.