Tips for grooming your dog

Both cats and dogs need grooming regularly to keep them healthy. There are short, medium and long haired dogs and the grooming routine can vary according your breed of dog.

Whatever the breed of dog you have there is a need for regular grooming. Like people, dogs feel better when they have had a bath or have been clipped; of course it is still tempting for them to roll in the dirt just after having their bath!

When a dog is regularly groomed their coat shines and it gives the owner a chance to check if there are fleas or any skin irritations. Some dogs have dry skin and will need a special shampoo. If the problem persists take the advice of your local veterinary therapist.

Long haired dogs require grooming three or four times a week, even if they are not bathed every time, as good brushing keeps their coat from having tangles and knots.

Medium haired dogs can be brushed daily as they do not have as many problems with their coats.

Short haired breeds can get away with their coats being brushed daily for a few minutes.

If you have a breed of dog that requires trimming it is important the dog visits a grooming parlour regularly.