Tips for hot dogs

It may not be much of a summer, but it’s our summer and we’re going to make the most of it!

As a general rule, most of us enjoy the hot weather when it arrives but there are inevitably times when most of us find ourselves longing for a bit of a cooling breeze and maybe even a spot of rain ‘to cool the air’. Our dogs face an even bigger challenge keeping cool as they are unable to sweat over their bodies in the same way that humans can.

In some circumstances, overheating can have tragic consequences to dogs, but even when there is no specific risk to your dog’s life, there is no reason not to take steps to make them more comfortable in the full heat of summer.

There are some simple steps that can greatly assist in keeping your dog cool during the hottest summer days.

dogs-in-hot-weatherA plentiful supply of fresh water is always a good start. A second bowl is a simple step that reduces the risk of water running out and, should one bowl get spilt or mucky, it avoids a desperate pet.

Provide your dog with some shade in the garden. If you expect to be outside for a long time in hot weather, be it gardening, barbecuing or simply lazing, your dog would love to keep you company but is not suited to endless hours of full blown sunshine.
It is always wise to walk your dog in shaded areas, such as woods, in the height of summer (if we ever get one) but also think about the surface they are walking on. Tarmac or concrete can be blistering hot in the midday sun.